Halloween in London

Note that this article has been written on the 31th of October, but I somehow didn't manage to upload it until today. 


It's Halloween. The night nightmares become real and kids go screaming after treats or trick or only treats around the streets. You hear them laughing, their pitching voices are calling down the road, for more sweets to kill their teath so the dentist has some more work to work on, whilst the kids are screaming once again but not of fun, because the treatment hurts them. As for me, I'm snuggled in my autumn coat, a thin black one, the black scarf covers my hears and my hairs still wet after the short shower I just had before. I got straight home after gym, ate dinner in 2 minutes swallowed everything at once, knowing my stomach might hurt afterwards but times was running, so I put on my red lipstick in a rush, and ran the common road to the train station 10 minutes away from my homestay, i already live since 8 weeks. Unfortunately the train was delayed and here I am, typing my random thoughts into this note block on my phone. People passing by might think I'm as addicted to this black box as every other digital native. (Well, maybe I actually am)


Starring at the screen I type fast and faster, almost forgetting to leave the train after three stations passing by. We're off to a pub. Not a party as the girls right next to me, wearing somehow scary but maybe more sexappealing dresses that people might discover as a nurse costume. I look down at myself, recognising I only wear black - as usual - and besides that I wear the red lipstick I only wear when I'm really feeling like wearing lipstick - I'm dressed as on any other day. Besides, London at night might not be a bit scary, walking around all alone in a short dress, but also freaking cold, therefore I appreciate being able to cover everything I need to keep warm. Poor Nurses.


Furthermore Id like to point out that London offers a great variety of different pubs, that need to be discovered during these remaining 7 month, as for clubs I do not enjoy them as much as drinking beer and picking fingerfood in a rustical old bar, surrounded by 30ish or older strangers, laughing rough and loud but in a comforting way. It's been a grant night. We had the pleasure to find a seat next to the bar. A 40 y/o couple (or at least they seemed like a couple) made out in an almost disgusting way, my dinner was about to be spilled out again. We talked and laughed. Sometimes a bit awkward and the silence between us made it even worse, but we kept on talking about the random things in life. Not like small talk stuff but not as deep and thoughtful as it could be. I enjoyed it anyway. 7 weeks already in this city that never sleeps. I went to school the following day, trying my hardest to keep my eyes open, as the teacher gave out some paper we're ought to read. I felt sorry, my attention to his class was lacking but after all he didn't really care so I murmured some words I imagined were the right answers, before I got back to my daily class nap.


And yep, that's what Halloween in London has been like for me. 

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