Christmas in London

Michael Bublé is all over the radio and could even make the origin Bing Crosby jealous. But it's in fact "Beginning to look like Christmas". Even with an average of 7°C and more rain than snow. 

Lights flickering, bells ringing, Christmas carols singing. Mince pies are being sold in every store, a mother with daugther and son rushes through Oxford Street to be on time for the latest sell in this amazingly big toy store. Father is at work, at least that's what she thinks. If she only knew her husband tries to be the best version of himself during this festive time and is queuing right in fron of the travel section to buy his wife a spa-weekend in Greece. 


Christmas is calling and is just around the corner. However I don't really feel the great pleasure of Santa and Jesus, getting together for the holy night. I look forward to my time at home. I'm craving the day I get on the airplane back to Switzerland. I automatically grin like a weirdo when I think about how my mum's going to react when I appear on her doorstep on Friday night all of a sudden. In fact she doesn't know I'm coming home two days earlier, so I can't wait to get there. 


I like Christmas. I like the feeling of being together. I adore the food (everyone does). And I like to snuggle myself into a blanket, with a hot cup of coffee, reading a book, listening to the most cheesy Christmas songs and watching the snowflakes outside, softly covering everything in white. That's how Christmas feels like back home. However Christmas in London is much bigger. Materialism and consumerism is greater than I'm used to. Christmas is expensive, the streets covered in christmasy lights and signs alert the latest sells wherever you go. People rush from one place to another. They don't seem to enjoy this time of family reunation. They look stressed and more concerned about their presents than a nice family dinner. At least this is the impression I had, after being surrounded by London inhabitants for already 3 month. 

Nevertheless, I'd like to point out that it's been a nice experience to live in the city full of stars during this time. It's been an interesting time and a quite expensive time too. Altough I didn't spend that much on presents, I enjoyed exploring all the Christmas attractions such as ice skating, markets and lots of hot chocolate with baileys. 


In the end this Christmas was a blast and very enjoyable. However the biggest present for myself might have been the day I went back home for a week and the look of my mums face, when I stood in the corridor of our apartement around midnight. 

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