Gedanketruckli · 01/02/2019
Jana Leu
Welcome. This post is about me. And only about me. It’s about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to welcome you on a journey with all its ups and downs. It’s about me, finding myself in all the random thoughts I’m almost about to drown from time to time. But let’s start from the top. I’m 20 years old, about to turn 21 later this year and although I’m registered at a higher school – starting this September – I have absolutely no clue who I want to be in the future. Maybe a...
Gedanketruckli · 26/12/2018
Okay. Christmas is just around the corner, and so is New Years Eve. I’ve survived the last day of the year at school and I’m about to head off to the London City Airport to catch my flight to Zurich. Time to review the year. Our final lesson was all about “How was you year?” “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” And here I am, trying to figure out how I could describe this year properly. 2018 started off with a new love, growing every day a bit more every day. I fell for...
Gedanketruckli · 19/12/2018
mouth organ hopeful and happy saturday morning flavour of coffee cozy and warm surrounded by blankets family breakfast or one single toast laughing and yawning a fast beat background uplifting sound by the man at the piano billy sings loud Joel even louder whilst they try to get up prepared for the day another sun rises another one goes away
Gedanketruckli · 04/11/2018
I miss you like I miss snow in winter, when its slowly getting cold and people are mumbled in their thick and cosy cotes. I miss you like I miss the thunder after a flash struck the sky and like I miss the rain after a storm that passed by. I miss you like I miss salt on French fries, and vinegar on salat leaves. I miss you like the missing cookie, when I order a coffee. I miss you like I sometimes miss the music in my ears, when I left my earphones at home. How I miss the caffeine in the...
Gedanketruckli · 15/10/2018
an english some how poem about my visit at the London college of communication.
Gedanketruckli · 16/08/2018
Während sich die einen mit 25 Jahren als ewige Singles bereits um die Zukunft sorgen und andere mit 18 Jahren, seit vier Jahren verliebt, ihren Eltern die eigenen Hochzeitspläne eröffnen, schlägt sich meine Mutter die Hand an die Stirn und fragt sich ,wie verrückt die Welt in Sachen Beziehung geworden ist. Was heute als zurückgeblieben gilt, war früher die reine norm oder halt einfach ein Ding, dass die einen taten, die anderen eben nicht. Einige heirateten früh. Andere genossen ihre...
Gedanketruckli · 12/05/2018
Die Angst etwas zu verpassen. Aber was?
Gedanketruckli · 09/05/2018
Der April war ganz im Sinne von "No Sugar". Meine Erfahrungen mit der Ernährungsweise habe ich festgehalten.

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