BA Photography

Been to this open day

though i just got accepted to uni in chur

i still went there 

to see what it's like

being a student in london

a real one i mean

like a british girl

born and raised

in this world of tea

and beer and fish and chips


simply said: that was great

being there as one of them

next to "elephant & castle"

in the heart of media industries

between art,


photos & film

studios & dark rooms


It's renowned

this course i listened to

they offer workshops 

and lectures 

and sessions

and other things 

i didn't understand

they encouraged the audience

spoke about hope & future

and whenever i looked around

i saw exactly this

in the eyes of the others

staring to the screen

together with a hint of fear

and perhaps a bit scared


"take pictures" they say

"take them everyday" 

"practice today

produce in the future"

be curious, creative

experimental and open

academic but especially


and self motivated

go out there

look around

24/7 & create

a world

a life



this really pushed me

kicked into my veins

it made me wanna jump up

and grab this loved black camera

to go out there and shot

everything i see

to memorise

and criticise

i want to learn the rules

then break them hard

i crave to create

digital or analogue

even printed or drawn

with paint or pens

or my tiny photography kit

because there is so much more to see

so much more we now know


look behind this photo

see the story there

not only beauty 

but content

that actually matters now

not only likes and snaps

but with actual meaning

and depth


this might not be

what i'd like to study

but it certainly told me

that a photo is not always a photo

but a photo with an extra tip of pepper

& if you like a hint of salt


this open day

opened my eye

that i want more creativity 

and more diversity

in my life

and where i go


and that i have to work for 

whatever i like to achieve

photo or film

writing or editing

now i'm just trying 

to keep this in my head

the importance of art

& creation today

but especially in my life

that Color looks better than white

tho white might be easier

and tho it is plane 

and sad in a way


so here is a tip

go out there and shot

or do whatever you like

even join an open day

for something you won't study

it's kind of worth it

i guess

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    automn crocus (Freitag, 26 Oktober 2018 07:35)

    it's worth it, i'm sure
    to go this way, of miracle and colours
    life your live, in your own precious way
    reach out for the stars and be yourself

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